Sunday, August 7, 2016

Gen Con 2016

Gen Con 2016

Arrived early Thursday morning in time to meet Jessica 

I braved the "running of the bulls" and bought some games

Allen showed up and we had our trip to Harry and Izzy's for Shrimp Cocktail and meat.  We checked out the side rooms for once.  Dice Hate Me booth was very well run and we learned Bottom of the 9th.  We also saw Paul at CGE room which was a great place to hang out too.

I caught up with Brandon and all of the WDYPTW podcasters were there for the day.  Got to know Brad over the weekend also.

That night we played some Ice Cool in the room.


  • I completed my pre-purchase pickups including Vast.  
  • Nerd nighters was fun - free games, fun games
  • Played some Vast in the room - late - too late


  • Learned Lanterns for the first time - taught by designer at the Renegade booth - picked up a signed copy after that - it is a good game.
  • Dragon & Flagon event - volunteered to help out. Fun game - good chance to hang out with the Engelstein family
  • Cabal meetup - showed up late but saw some good friends 


  • More interviews
  • Watched some demos
  • Headed home

Some games played:

  • Bottom of the 9th
  • Giant Junk Art
  • Tada
  • Adreniline
  • Cribbage
  • Glory To Rome
  • Ginkgopolis
  • Ice Cool
  • Nuclear War
  • Code Names Pictures
  • Wurfle Bohnanza
  • Codenames Pictures
  • Castles and Knights (Haba)
  • Potion Explosion
  • Vast

Here is the required "haul" pics


As always cons for me are all about the people.  I'm disappointed I didn't take more pictures of old friends and new.

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