Monday, November 21, 2016

Jack Vasel Memorial Fund

So why do I support the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund?

In 2013 I was in the hospital with a serious infection in my leg. I was in so much pain I almost wished I was dead - this was some serious shit. I survived, but it got me thinking about my family and what if I had died how would that impact them?  I recovered and moved on but it did change my outlook.

Just about this time the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund (JVMF) was going on - I started to imagine my wife alone having me died from the infection and what would she do.  Maybe something like the JVMF would help her out. Not necessarily with money - but maybe to help with what to do with all my board games or just general support from the board gaming community. I am fortunate to be in a good job and have disposable income to bid on some items so I bid on an item and won.

I decided I wanted to do more for the fund. My friend Corey was the designer of Gravwell and we agreed that I could post an item of signed by the author copy to the auction.  This was won by Robin - and he and I have since become good long distance twitter friends.  Another reward of giving.

In 2014 I decided I wanted to help more. I do not have anything to provide - sure I can, and did bid on more items. I contacted the, then smaller, Secret Cabal and suggested they post a "Play with the Secret Cabal" item - similar to other items I had seen. I'm not sure if Jamie thought it would go anywhere but he said sure and suggested I create the item and he'd arrange it at the next Origins.  The bidding win was $150.

I don't really need more "stuff" but want want to give - so I've started to bid on other items such as these. Sometimes it is other small podcasts who maybe don't have anyone bidding on their items and I can get them some coverage by talking about it on social media or bigger podcasts and I can have some fun gaming with them as well as a bigger donation to the fund while I get in a bidding war, even with a friend who isn't even able to attend.

Jamie has continued to let me post the Cabal meet ups every year.  It has grown and this year he added playing with Geoff Engelstein and Rodney "Watch It Played" Smith.  This year it went for $1,200 and I'm proud to be a small part of that.

Also this year I bid and won on the Dukes of Dice item. I'm sure we would have played a game anyway - but I wanted to donate to the fund again this year and liked their offering. We played Terraforming Mars at Board Game Geek Convention and had a great time.

I also give to Extra Life to watch friends play games in onsies and I also set up a pandemic game for Doctors w/o Borders. I do what I can.

This post was inspired by a great episode by the Nights at the Game Table podcast.

NIGHTS AT THE GAME TABLE Podcast Artwork Image

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