Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Old Game Tweets v2

Inspired by a Dustin Schwartz tweet about someone needing to review older games. Although I often talk about older games, hence "Over the Hillier", on my segments on WDYPTW podcast - I decided to do some quick tweet reviews. I'll collect them here.


Agricola (2007) Let's fight over the family growth space - yay!


Alien Frontiers (2008) Roll dice and get your candy shaped colonies for area control on the planet. Plus I get to say my Either & Ore joke


Bohnanza (1997) Funny card art, set collection w trading. So hard to keep from moving cards in your hand. Clearly Uwe's best farming game.

Carcassonne (2000) Lots of tile laying & the home of the term meeple-all cool except those farmers layin' down on the job. +8000 expansions.


Caylus (2005) Elder statesman of the worker placement and grumpy old guy cover. It's that dang moving provost that keeps messing things up!


Cleopatra and the Society of Architects (2006) Amazing plastic bits, box as game parts, 1/2 cards reversed in shuffle, corruption! So much!


Clue (1949) OK, there a better mystery games but this still is fun in my book. Rumors of a point system to replace roll & move interest me.

Cyclades (2009) dudes on a map that isn't a war game - auction with awesome minis and graphics. Don't need any stinking expansions.


El Grande (1995) This godfather of area control games is older than Zach in my play group but we still play it all the time. You should too!

Guillotine (1998) - Art get's you past the macabre theme in this simple set collection game where you get to say "you look like the piss boy"

Puerto Rico (2002) Action selection, tableau building. Ship that corn captain! A classic worth learning/playing. Except maybe the brown bits

Race For the Galaxy (2007) Action Selection, Tableau Building, just cards in space! You can figure out those icons - I have faith in you!


Nuclear War (1965) A take-that! card game with a creepy theme. More fun when there isn't a nut job with his finger on the button IRL...


Seeland (2010) Who doesn't love Dutch farming games w cabbage? Rondels and tile placement plus @MikeRisley has the best taste in games.


Snow Tails (2009) Mush! Mush! race your dog sled team avoiding walls, trees, avalanches and other sleds. Those turns are a bitch (dog joke)

Stone Age (2008) Roll dice for resources to feed your people & score points-fight for space in the love hut & smell that leather dice cup.

Suburbia (2012) Sim City turned into a board game. Best of the Bezier games keeping it simple. As always, I question need for expansion.


Talisman (1983) More fun in your memory that it really is. What is better than being turned into a toad after an hour of play & losing all?


Ticket to Ride (2004) Rummy type set collection to lay down some tracks that connect route cards for points.504 versions of the base I think

Ticket To Ride the Card Game (2008) - It is garbage, no wonder I got it it in trade for such a deal. You want it?


Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization (2006) love civ games, this is a great one-just cards, lots of war. I mostly play on line, & lose.

Tobago (2009) - logic puzzle find the treasure game with awesome trucks & Easter island heads that you get to make noises when you move

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