Thursday, March 9, 2017

CruiseCon 2017

The short review is that CruiseCon was not what I had hoped it would be. I think the biggest issue was the cruise and not so much the con but it is hard to separate the two. 
    Cruise con was new to this ship so I think things were different than their last ship.  There was a central room with a surprisingly well stocked library with about 6 steamer trunks full of games plus lots of Floridian gamers carrying around their own bags of games they carried on board.  There was a nice card room that many folks played in and then we had a larger private space somewhere that had mixed use. We all received a huge bag of games and swag - I was a little concerned about getting it back in our luggage but I was able to remove the excess cardboard to reduce weight, bag bits and fit in my luggage where I could.  

      The cruise con attendees were a good mix of young/old, straight/gay couples and some well behaved teens.  There were somewhere in the range of 85-90 of us on the cruise - and we identified ourselves with matching name badges similar to other conventions and that helped us learn some names and recognize other gamers.  Unfortunately much of the group had been on cruises together before or were from the same gaming groups in Florida and we I found it hard to get into games.  They attempted to use a magnetic / dry erase board to write games and that worked for me to find a game of the Bloody Inn, but other times people said they would be in places and they were not.  Another family found me reading the rules to Quadropolis and taught and played a game with me, someone else found me playing solo Castles of Burgundy the Card Game and joined in for a two player game.  Opening night there was a cocktail party with party games - we played Telestrations and had fun as always.  Another night we played some party games with a fun young couple one night.

        I also think attending with my light gaming spouse also had an impact on my gaming.  There were plenty of gamers who got into big games and ran up to the buffet for a quick take away dinner, which is the kind of thing I’d do at a con alone, were as we spent time together at long dinners and events.  
          The group also organized some non-gaming events - we had large group dinners together, took a group photo on the sun deck in our t-shirts and a bunch of us partied for about an hour in the ice bar. 

              Games Played:
              • Pentaquark
              • The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game
              • Pyramid Arcade
              • The Bloody Inn
              • BUS
              • Captain Sonar (photo below)
              • Deep Sea Adventure
              • First Class: All Aboard the Orient Express
              • Ingenious
              • Pickle Letter
              • Quadropolis
              • Qwixx
              • Roll for the Galaxy
              • Smarty Party!
              • Telestrations
              • W├╝rfel Bohnanza

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