Sunday, July 30, 2017

Craig Con West

Craig Marks - actually lives east of me but his first east "con" was in Baltimore with Matt so I'm guessing one in his home town of Youngstown, OH had to be West.

My wife and started a tradition of doing over night get a way weekends while our son was still home from college to take care of the pets.  A trip to Youngstown for some games seemed like a good fit although a little farther of a drive than we usually go - about 4 hours if we were to go non-stop, but we never do.  We stopped at Grandpa's cheese barn on the way up for snacks and candy as well as all the other necessary stops.

We arrived at Craig's and introduced him to his wife Erin, son T. and we met his new baby daughter M.  There were enough folks there for two tables of games.  I had brought a ton of game, several that had already been in my car and some that I had hoped to play.

We started with Sagrada.  Erin liked this form previous plays but they didn't have it so Craig requested I bring my copy.  Cindi, Erin and I played with T.  I forgot to mark who won.

Then we moved on to Kanagawa.  This is a game we own and they all like so we knew we'd all like it.  We had a guest at the table - I forget his name - he was just there for the one game...

Andy joined us for a game of Century Spice Road.  I had wanted to play this with Cindi because I thought she'd like this and I had concidered buying it but wanted to get her thoughts before we did.  Since she won - I'm guessing she liked it.

Andy taught us Road Hog - a race game with some "take that" mechanisms.  Cindi won this too, I eeked out 2nd place.

Cindi ended her night with a group play of Herbaceous.  Another game we both own so we all enjoyed it, this was new to Andy.

Cindi was tired from the long day of travels and gaming so we checked into our hotel.  I returned for one more game.  We played a 5 player game of Pandemic the Cure with the expansion - the purple dice.  This was a pretty epic game, every time we thought for sure we were going to die we rolled just the right thing to barely survive.  We also played really well together as a team - often debating our moves but working it out in the end and moving on.

The next day Craig joined us for breakfast and one last game before we ventured off to do some sight seeing.  

Andy had recommended a metropark.  We started at the formal gardens.

From there we took a long drive and saw a covered bridge, a mill, and other cool things.

One last stop for some recommended local ice cream before we hit the road home.   

A great trip.

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