Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Mille Bornes Story….

The Mille Bornes Story….

This has a humorous ending - really.  If you’ve not played the game Miles Borne do not bother reading.

My grandmother died in February about 2004 - she lived in Soo Saint Marie, Ontario - Canada.  We live in Dayton, OH.  We got a flight from Dayton to northern Michigan with a layover in Detroit.  It was cold and rainy in Dayton and our flight was late in arriving from Detroit and therefore late in returning us back. We arrived into Detroit in mix of ice and snow.  We soon learned that the flights were all canceled and found a hotel.  We got a roll-a-way for our son and went to bed hoping to fly out in the morning.  Our son woke up in the middle of the night with some sort of stomach flu and was sick every hour or two.  We had no luggage - it went on without us.  My wife dealt with our sick son while I tried find out what was going on with the tickets.  Found out we were unlikely to fly out anytime soon.  My wife turned to me and said “you can drive in this right?” - I grew up in - upper upper Michigan - driving in snow was nothing to me.  We scrapped the flight and rented a car.  It took an extra hour or two get out of metro Detroit but after that the sun was out and the roads were clear.  We pressed on with little sleep and a little one still getting sick on the clock.  We found a toddler clothes store and got him some clothes and made our way up.  We called my mom and found out she had picked up our luggage and it was in the room.  We finally made it the Canada/US border and I saw the Stop/Arrête sign and turned to my wife and yelled “coup-fourré”!  Made for a funny end to an otherwise long arduous trip.

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