Saturday, September 9, 2017

Trees in games


What appears to be a maple see in Photosynthesis but more of a weeping willow shape

Red Maple - my yard

We assume is a Blue Spruce with a pine cone in Photosynthesis

Pine of some sort - my yard

Clearly an Oak and acorn in Photosynthesis

Giant Oak in my front yard

This one is not as clear in Photosynthesis - some guess the seed is a Linden

Some similar trees on our street

Another tree in our neighborhood with similar seeds.


Ginkgopolis leaves - real, across the street and in the game.


Jacaranda tree

Royal Poinciana - a southern tree


Most of our Lilac's are more of a bush

 2014-10-30 11 09 40 Red Maple during autumn on Lower Ferry Road in Ewing, New Jersey.JPG

Maple Tree - See above in Photosynthesis section

 Salix alba Morton.jpg

We had these in upper Michigan where I grew up


A typically southern tree


A Mediterranean tree - I saw some in Italy 

Bgbo cornus kousa var chinensis ies.jpg

Dogwood - known for being a southern tree

Oak Tree - See above in Photosynthesis section


Cassia Trees - Found is south Florida

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  1. With posts like this, I'm really rooting for you hard!