Friday, August 3, 2018

Mom's spare bedroom

Many years ago, when the boy was still sleeping in an inflatable travel crib age, we decided to go on a trip to Charlotte, NC.  There was an American Institute of Architects (AIA) national convention going on, and Cindi’s grandmother lived in a nearby suburb, so we could visit her as well.  My mother was happy to come along and help take care of the boy, allowing my wife and I to attend some architecture events together.

For those of you that have attended Gen Con, the AIA conference hotel situation can be similar.  We had to go thru a central booking system and request our rooms. I had requested two connected rooms, or so I thought…

When we arrived, we had one bed in a relatively small room because it had most of the space taken up by the giant handicap restroom. As an architect, I am of course aware of the reasons for these special needs rooms with the oversized wheelchair accessible restrooms. I feel guilty getting them when I don’t need the special features they provide, but hey, an empty room makes them no money, so they have to fill them at some point.

After finding out there were no other options, they offered us a roll away. We rearranged things the best we could, but couldn't make it fit in the room, and the final solution was to put it in the bathroom.  There was plenty of space in there! This actually made my Mom happy, because she was a horribly loud snorer and felt she wouldn't bother us in there. The only real issue was if, after getting cleaned up and ready for bed, we needed to use the bathroom, rather than bothering Mom, we had to put on our shoes and went down to the bathroom in the hotel lobby.

I just checked in to hotel on a business trip, and got the giant bathroom. It gave me a little smile after a long day of traveling remembering this fun time.

Thanks always to my editor Eric Buscemi

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