The "I Voted Sticker"


Today I got another “I voted” sticker. I’ve always been a proud voter, and take it very seriously, but this post isn’t about today’s elections.

Several years ago, sometime in early November, we were traveling to my niece’s baptism in Northern Michigan and drove part way and stopped for the night. That evening we received a call that my wife’s aunt Kaye had passed away. We decided to change plans and redirected our trip to Detroit and hopped on a plane to the Carolinas. One of Cindi’s relatives picked us up and got us acclimated. I don’t remember much of the details of the trip but they did offer to let us use Kaye’s car while we were there. At one point we needed to drive somewhere and I got out of the car and I had an “I voted” sticker on me! It took me a while to figure it out that one of that last things that Kaye probably did in the car was driving to vote and as she got out the sticker got stuck on the seat belt. When we used it it came off on my sweater. It was kind of weird since it was someone who had just passed, but still over 20 years later I still think of this when ever I get a new one.

Patrick HillierComment