Top 10 2018 Games

OK, these aren’t games published in 2018, or even necessarily specific games but gaming events that happened this year, but I chose a game from those events to highlight. These are in chronological order.


1. Talo

I needed to visit Portland, Maine for work. I left a few days early and visited my friend Kimberly’s in NH a short drive west. She was nice enough to arrange a game day for us. We played a ton of games - I still laugh thinking about Jason’s charades for Bill Clinton in Monikers. The next day we visited the new gaming cafe and I was finally able to play an original copy of Glory to Rome and we discovered a random new abstract that looked 20 years old but wasn’t called Talo.


2. Glory to Rome

Several games on this list will be from Origins. This one in particular was the first time I was able to meet twitter pal Chris Mitchell and play a game. GtR is one of my favorites and always makes the list even if they called Brick - Rick because of my recently replaced sleeves.


3. Power Grid

This was a favorite of both Eric and I. I think this was one of the few scheduled games I had at Origins. We added in the Detmers who were new. They mistakenly let me have the west coast unchallenged and I took the win but that doesn’t really matter, does it?


4. El Grande

Grayson, Jamie, Jose and I have started a tradition of playing this at Origins. It is always a tight game and the banter and overall good time we have is what makes this the best time ever.


5. Super Rhino Hero

I brought several lighter party games to the Punchboard Media meet up. I worked hard to get game started and get people playing and make sure people were having fun. I did have some fun though - particularly playing Super Rhino Hero, seen here with Steve Caires.


6. Flash point Fire Rescue

I’ve played this several times this year. This particular game was during a break from a visit to check on my mom. My sister came to our hotel and I had brought up part of my set as a “travel version” - except I forgot the smoke tokens. The people walking tokens are our make shift smoke tokens. This was a nice break from our stressful time at the hospital.


7. Scrabble

As the hours approached my mothers inevitable passing all of my family was in her room. We found the family Scrabble game in the closet and played a game.


8. Drop it

Both Scott and I had recent losses and needed a break. Craig held a day long birthday game event. I invited Scott since he had moved to the area. Drop it was fun but frustrating and resulted in some fun pics.

9. Cribbage

I visited my dad in October to go hunting. See this post about that trip. We got in a game of cribbage which is always important.. Edit. My father passed away the day after I wrote this. This would be our last game of Cribbage.


10.The Magnificent Race

I went to Kitchcon - see the write up - I got to meet Scott “ScooterB” from twitter and some other new friends and played a bunch of new and old kitchy games. The highlight was “The Magnificent Race” which I bough on eBay at dinner on the way home and have played at at least three events since. It is always a hit.

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